GTech Sports Spray - 5 Gallon

There’s more to clean surfaces than meets the eye. Virtually every public or private surface represents a potential breeding ground for microorganisms. GTech Sport Spray offers continual protection without adversely affecting other product characteristics. Stop non-pathogenic, odor causing microbes, bacteria and fungi in their tracks.

  • Provide a safer and healthier environment for your family, athletes and employees
  • Reduce or eliminate otherwise stubborn malevolent microorganisms
  • One treatment every 15 days eliminates 99% of germs/bacteria/virus
  • Terminates mold, mildew, and fungus
  • Eliminates bacterial odors
  • Reduce acne and skin rashes due to dirty gear and equipment
  • Extend the life of uniforms and gear that would be discarded due to odor, stain, or deterioration
  • Environmentally friendly
Where to Apply
  • Training and locker rooms
  • Team meeting area
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Weight rooms and equipment
  • Sport mats, gear, helmets, gloves, and cleats
  • Laundry- uniform and practice clothes
  • Home- furniture, linen, wall, patio
  • Vehicle- automobiles, vans, planes, and injury carts
5 gallon = 40 16oz spray bottles (value at $879.60)
Price: $ 399.99
GTech Sports Spray - 5 Gallon